Ways to prevent if we have hair loss

Hairfall is a major concern for the women today, especially the working class. In fact it is more common in the working women since they do not take the pain of taking extra measures to safeguard your hair from shedding. The actual cause might not be clear in most case. It might be hereditary, using the wrong hair products, brushing your hair in a wrong way, not shampooing your hair enough number of times, over-conditioning and the list goes on. Instead of wondring what went wrong, why don’t you take certain preventive steps to stop hairfall in the first place.

Here are the basic tips to help you prevent your excessive hair loss:

  • Use the right hair products, not necessarily the best ones

With a significant rise in the issues related to hair shedding, many products have emerged in the market some of which are actually good in restoring hair growth. This category of shampoos contain essential oils and minerals. Some of the major functions of such products are to boost up hair growth, kill the harmful bacteria that causes hair breakage, heighten the blood circulation to the scalp. Healthy oils and minerals stimulate the hair follicles, speeding up the cycle of regrowth. However, it takes a good six months to attain regrowth. You might consider using a hair-thickening spray right from the beginning to coat the existing hair, exuding a fuller look.

  • Avoid stressing your hairline

Avoid tight ponytails, braids or any other hairstyle that pulls on the small hairs that constitute your hairline. Else, it can be a major cause of hair loss. The hairs of your hairline are too delicate to be pulled. Whatever hairstyle you wear, make sure to keep your hair in a relaxed state. Avoid using hair bands that contain metal. This is to avoid tangles that leads to hair shedding when you open your ponytail.

  • Stay away from heat

Heat is probably the worst enemy of your hair. It causes the breakage of bonds within the hair strands, making your hair brittle and vulnerable to breakage. Make sure you know how to use a hair straightner properly. Do not overheat a specific part of your hair body. Keep the temperature of the device moderate. Instead of using styling tools such as blow dryers to dry your hair, let it dry naturally. Use a serum or a heat-resistant product on your hair before the using any of the heating or drying tools.

  • Stay away from too much of chemical processing

Chemical processing treatments carried out in salons are never that a good option for your natural hair. Such treatments involve chemically straightening, bleaching and coloring your hair. It might begin the cycle of hair loss that you dread. Try to stick to your natural style and color. However, if you go for such treatments at all, make sure to go for deep-conditioning at least once a week. At least make sure to go to reliable and branded salons for such chemical treatments even at a high cost.

  • Fine diet

Nutritional food components can boost up your hair growth. Avoid junk food. Embrace foods rich in vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and vitamin B12 that revitalize your thinning strands. Include leafy greens, nuts, beans, fish, and lean meats as well. You can also opt for a good dietary supplement to cover up for a not-so-nutritious diet.

  • Get a scalp massage

Give a self-scalp massageto your hair while in the shower. You can practice it after applying shampoo or conditioner. Scalp massages are highly effective that improve blood circulation to the scalp and assists in hair growth. Relaxing movement of your fingertips in a slow, rhythmic, circular fashion uniformly around the scalp lowers stress and encourages hair growth.

  • Get those essential oils

Essential oils are highly and rightfully edified for their multiple benefits. They might just be the last resort to stimulate hair growth. Oils like carrot seed, cypress, lavender, and rosemary have regenerative, soothing, and balancing to enhance the condition of the scalp and lead to hair growth. These essential oils are easily available in the common stores and even online because of high demand and popularity. You just need a few drops to your scalp to do wonders. Make sure to massage well and for a good period of time. Hot oil massage is very common these days and performed in various salons. All you need to do get a mixture of coconut and almnd oil, heat it and slowly massage your scalp with it using fingertips. This not only leads to hair growth but also soothes the scalp.

Some other useful techniques to ensure nourishment at home

  • Green tea

Green tea brings life to your hair follicles. It highly promotes hair generation. It also augments your metabolism that finally accentuate hair growth. It conditions your hair, making your hair healthy.

  • Beetroot Juice

It might be a case that vitami deficiency is causing hair-shedding in your case. This is where beetroot juice comes ino play. In fact, if your hair loss is a result of nutritional deficiency, beetroot juice is the ultimate solution.

  • Onion Juice

Onion juice greatly helps in the circulation of blood to your hair follicles, thanks to its high sulfur content that destroys bacteria. This rejuvenates hair follicles and reduces excessive inflammation. It also saves you from any kind of scalp infection that gives way to hair loss.

  • Meditation

It might sound a bit off-the-topic, but meditation does help to stimulate hair growth. Stress and hypertension causes hairfall. To get your peace back and rejuvenate your soul, you need meditation. Once you are truly relaxed, your hairfall reduces significantly.

  • Natural hair mask

You might often go for hair masks at elite salons. But why go for expensive parlours when you can get it done at your home in a more effective way, that too at minimum costs. Avoid chemical hair masks. The less the chemicals, the better for your hair. Use natural ingredients like banana, coconut oil, olive oil, honey, curd, egg whites etc. to prepare hair masks at home.

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