Top ways to prevent hair extensions from tangling

Tangles can be messy and aggravating. It is a given that the task of maintaining long and healthy hair demands for good care that requires efforts. The most disturbing element of maintaining specifically long hair is dealing with the numerous inevitable knots and tangles! It gets really frustrating when you have a shortage of time or patience.Things get worse when it gets physically painful as well. It might even make you wonder whether your office work is more of a challenge or this is! Certain hair types are more vulnerable to losing luster within a matter of few days after shampooing.

Reasons for formation of tangles:

Inadequate brushing, rough or dry hair, excessive exposure to wind or rain, bad health of hair are some of the most commonly found roots to the cause of tangles.

Unfortunately, the tangles are the nastiest if:

  • You have a thick and curly mane
  • You have very dull, dry and damaged hair

Though the drying effect is unavoidable, there are some tips that you can follow to detangle your hair and getting rid of knots.

  • Proper conditioning of normal hair and extensions

The moisture of your hair gets restored back by deep conditioning. Moisture implies smoothness. When the hair is smooth and silky, there are no traces of tangles. Make it a point to condition your hair after washing. Get into the habit of using a good conditioning mask at least in a couple of weeks.

  • Brush your hair at least twice a day

Certain hair types are more susceptible to tangling. If so, avoid letting your hair downfor all day, especially during windy or rainy conditions. You should brush your hair at least 2 times a day using a soft brush. Brushing is compulsory before a washing your hair or else, your tangles get nastier. Also, brush before sleeping. Do not be aggressive while brushing or detangling. If required, make sure you are in a good temperament at the time of solving your hair tangles!

  • Rules of combing

There are certain simple rules that need to be followed while combing your hair. While combing properly, make sure you are in a good mood, else your tangles might hurt and aggravate you! If necessary, put on some soothing music to gather required to remove your tangles. When in a hot temper, you might end up pulling out more hair while brushing! Section your hair before combing. Make two sections for convenience and tackle with each section turn by turn. Make sure your hair is dry while combing. This is because wet hair is more prone to breaking than dry hair. You might consider using your fingers to remove the light tangles whenever possible. At the time of wind, pull your hair into a bun or a ponytail.

  • Use wide tooth combs

Wide tooth comb is a must during the act of detangling your messy hair. This is a painless, effective and less time-consuming way of detangling. This way your hair is protected from unnecessary tearing or damage. Follow the direction of bottom to top while removing the tangles. Complete the process of combing with patience.

  • Chose mild products

Avoid using products containing alcohol or sulfate. These ingredients dry out your hair and make susceptible to tangling. Opt for natural and alcohol free products. You might consult your personal hair stylist for specific products that might be the best fit for your hair. Certain products are even made specifically for tangled hair.

  • Follow a healthy night hair care routine

Make sure properly comb your hair followed with putting your hair into a simple bun, braid or ponytail before sleeping. Buns and braids are more preferable though. This prevents your hair from excessive split ends, shedding and distortion.

  • Embrace braids

Though ponytail is more manageable than open hair, all time tying your hair up in a ponytail can have dire consequences on your hair. It might cause breakage and split ends. So, it is recommended to style your hair differently at different times. Braids or buns are better than ponytails. To make things simpler, you can even try those cordless coil hair ties, or scrunches to do buns. If buns do not suit your face, you can try braiding your hair.It is more preferable whenyou have long hair with tangles.Braids can be of various types. At home, simple braids are fine. But you might need a glamorous look when going out. Do not worry as there are many stylized braids that are invented by the hair stylists these days. Take the help of YouTube to get a hold on the currently trendy braids. Your hair is the most manageable when tied into a braid. It does not get dismantled even when you jump, dance, run, or engage in any other activity. In fact, braided hair prevents knots and tangles.

  • Condition the ends

Make it a point to condition twice while showering. The best practice is to start from the ends and move upward slowly toward the scalp. Leave it for 5 minutes followed by rinsing and repeating the same. Today most women straighten their hair.The heat products are most likely to damage the ends first. So, you need to take additional care to repair your ends. Say no to harsh chemicals.These damage your hair. More the damage, more are the tangles. Have a good knowledge on the right products to use. A set of gentle shampoo and conditioner are a must. If needed, consult your hair stylist to know which products are right for your hair.

  • Limited dying, heating or curling

Dying your hair is pretty common these days. After all, most of you are never satisfied with the hair color you are born with.However, dying, heating, curling or any other such drastic treatments cause damage. More dying causes more drying. This makes the tangles frequent. So, as far as possible, avoid dying hair extensions. After all, you might have to make little sacrifices to maintain tangle-free hair.

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