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Bugatti Hair Imports has come up with the gorgeous Natural Black4*4 closure. This hair has one-directional cuticles that imply that it can be stylized in various formats. This naturally virgin hair has a bouncy and exuberant feel to it. These hair extensions are hand-selected that explains its naturally rich texture. With full cuticles, this hair can give you a neat, tight and tangle-free look. This hair has exquisite double wefts that allow easy blending with all of the natural hair types. These purely virgin hair extensions are thick, silky and lustrous. This Natural Black Closure has a thick body that makes it highly versatile. This hair is highly versatile. So these are safe to be heated, colored, flat ironed, curled or stylized in any other way. This hair product can give you a glamorous look in the most effortless manner. When subjected to proper treatment and care, this hair can really last for a long time, even beyond 1 year. This hair is shed-free, tangle-free and matt-free. Its rich and plush texture implies that this hair bundle has no synthetic mix at all. You are free and safe to experiment with different looks with this Natural Black 4*4 closure.


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