Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cuticle hair?

    Cuticle hair is hair that is laid in the same direction with cuticles intact pointing from root to tip which allows the hair to maintain its natural bounce and luster and prevents matting and tangling.

  • What is Virgin Hair?

    Virgin hair extension is cuticle hair, in it's purest untouched, unprocessed form. This hair has not been dyed, bleached or permed and is premium quality hair which ensures its longevity.

  • How is the Hair measured?

    Bugatti Hair extensions are measured by extending the strands.

  • How much does each bundle weigh?

    Each bundle of our virgin hair extension weights 100grams or 3.5 ounces.

  • How much hair is needed for a full head?

    While density and fullness are individual preferences, the general rule of thumb allows 3 bundles for 16 inches and longer. You may wish to consult with your stylist prior to purchasing.

  • What is weft hair?

    Weft hair is the process of sewing the strands of the hair extensions across in a straight line and is used for weaving.

  • What is bulk hair?

    Bulk hair is loose hair used for braiding or for making lace wigs by hand.

  • What grade is your hair?

    The majority of the so called “virgin” hair on the market is anything but virgin and generally A or AA grade hair. At Bugatti's Import Hair we supply only AAAAA virgin hair extensions which means, this is the highest and best hair grade available anywhere, truly "The bugatti of hair extensions".