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Bugatti Hair Imports believes in providing you with 100% natural Remy Human Hair Extensions of the finest quality. Being a wholesale importer of Indian and Brazilian virgin Human hair, Bugatti offers trendy and stylish hair extensions. It guarantees you with quality assurance and customer satisfaction. The fact that every hair product of Bugatti is mostly donor hair that is 100% natural reinforces the guarantee made. Bugatti mainly deals with top-quality Indian virgin hair that is secured from the South Indian Temples. Indian virgin hair is popular worldwide for its lustrous volume and light texture. It also supplies pure-quality of unprocessed Brazilian hair extensions that are also famous for their non-frizzy and bouncy appeal. Bugatti has an expert set of colleagues who have specialized knowledge in the process of selecting untouched virgin human hair with a fine accuracy. All the products are assessed for quality assurance purpose. The Remy quality natural hair is not tarnished by the use of any synthetic fibers. The retention of the natural texture ensures the cuticles to remain aligned in one direction. This guarantees durable, shed-free, tangle-free and exclusive hairstyles every single day! All the Bugatti hair products are impressively silky, sheen and thick. The texture and appearance both are immune to washing or heating as the unprocessed hair can easily resume back to its natural state. These hair products are effortlessly easy to use!



At Bugatti, all the hair products are 100% nature with no mixing. It is the most superior quality of hair products. The hair products are donor hair that makes it authentic. Bugatti has a professional team of colleagues who have specialized knowledge in the process of selecting untouched virgin human hair with a fine precision. All the products are further assessed for quality assurance purpose.


Products are versatile since they can be easily curled or straightened with the help of hot tools. The cuticles remain intact and align to the same direction that makes them free from tangles or shedding and more prone to versatility as far as styling is concerned.


These products are durable as they are of the highest-quality and in their natural forms. The higher the texture, the longer is the shelf-life of the hair product. However, the products have to be taken good care of, in order for them to last for 12-16 months.


Both Indian and Brazilian hair extensions offered at Bugatti can be effortlessly used for styling. Since they are free from the disturbing tangles or grotesque hair-shedding, it becomes much easier for you to handle or to use.


Bugatti provides unprocessed hair products that are immune to the damage caused by washing or heating by hot tools. No impact is caused to the texture, quality or appearance of the hair.

All these golden features make Bugatti Hair Imports to be one of the most reliable importer of quality hair products today. Shop online from Bugatti and wear your confidence with a new hairstyle!