How to Buy the Finest Virgin Indian Remy hair

Virgin Indian Hair is perhaps the best quality hair in the market now. Remy Indian Hair is that hair that has not been chemically processed and all cuticles intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling. Virgin implies that the hair is free of chemicals or hair color and retains all cuticles in the original state that is healthy. Remy means all cuticles of hair are essentially pointing towards the same direction. Thus, there will be no hair tangling hassle.

100% natural human hair is the best choice for long lasting natural looking hair extensions. Virgin hair is known for its versatility, silkiness and luster. It comes in various types: straight hair, curly hair, loose wave, natural wave, body wave and deep wave textures. These do not undergo any chemical treatments to get a particular style. Thus, 100% real hair bundles can be colored, cut, flat ironed and curled, whether you prefer long curly or short. This superior quality hair allows you to create any style you want with an outstanding result.

Virgin Indian Remy hair is the most luxurious natural hair extension type available. No wonder it is the best choice for many celebrities. Thus, most of you can rely on this hair at the time of occasion.

While buying virgin hair extensions of your choice, you should know as to which stores are good.

Here are the main things that you need to keep in mind at the time of picking up the best extension supplier for virgin Indian hair:

  • Accessibility of the store: A store should be accessible. To be more detailed, the store should have an exclusive phone number of its own. Almost 95% of all online stores are operated by random people. These people have no valid experience and do not actually own their hair but instead, go with reselling, and that brings us to point number two. Thus, you need to make sure that the store is 100% genuine.
  • Supplier that runs its own factory: Go for a hair supplier that runs its own factory. Most of these stores rely on affiliate or drop shipping services. Thus, you must find a store that manufactures anything you want from scratch. Keep in mind that it is a good sign of a company that has a direct control of their factories. Thus, it is a vital point to remember while selecting a hair supplier.
  • Valid policy for returning items: Every genuine supplier has its own policy for returning products. If this is not the case, when a buyer does not trust their products, you certainly cannot! Policies might be different for different hair suppliers. A certain number of hair suppliers might offer a 30 day money back guarantee without any tricks, as per their policy, while some might provide you with a different type of offer related to the returns’ policy. You need to keep in mind that you need to count the days only from the day you get the hair. Avoid the mistake of counting from the day when you order.
  • Go through reviews provided by reliable sources: A majority of the text reviews can be faked by the seller itself. But, there are numerous genuine video reviews as well that you can count upon. You ought to do a good deal of research to find or sort out these specific websites or reviews. But, the truth is that they surely exist! You need to make sure that you can browse YouTube and see what people are talking. There is no need to jump to conclusions only seeing one review! All you need to do is focus on researching rather than searching!
  • Legit discounts: While you are making the decision of zeroing in on a specific hair supplier, wholesale discounts can be pretty eye-catching. Many hair suppliers out there offer discounts only to big orders. Remember that research is the key to finding the best-fit hair deal for you.

How to choose the best Hair Extensions?

There are a wide range of hair extensions to choose from. Hair Extensions give you the advantage of adding a couple of inches and volume to their locks without waiting for them to grow. Opting for a specific type of hair extension can be daunting to first time users. Take help from a professional hairstylist to give yourself a consultation in which you will find out the method they use. You can also discuss the look you want to achieve and receive a price quote.

At the time of choosing the best hair extensions, you ought to check whether it is made from natural human hair or synthetic. This shall certainly guarantee that the human hair lasts really long. It will also give you the pleasure of looking natural. These extensions are usually treated like your natural hair. If you have synthetic hair, you cannot use any heat like blow-dryer or irons or stylize them in any other way. So, there is absolutely no versatility in this case.

Remy Indian hair extensions are bundled human hair where roots and ends are kept in the correct direction. Hair extensions made from Remy are usually tangle-free. This is due to the fact that the cuticles of the strands do not get caught against each other. Remy hair is accepted as the healthiest because it is picked one strand at a time.

Go for effortless-to-use hair extensions that are placed close to the head and not near the hairline to maintain the illusion that it is your real hair and not extensions. It must be applied to go as per the natural direction of the hair. This makes it flow with the real ones. Certainly you do not need to use of tools and heat. If you use heating and usage for repeated periods of time, you might keep your hair from getting damaged.

It is a grave mistake not to get the right hair color. Most of the extension companies provide a wide range of colors that make it easier for women to find the right shade. It also makes it possible for low-lights and highlights to add depth and tone without the use of other treatments.

Bugatti Hair Imports offers high-quality hair extensions to their customers at affordable rates. So, look for online stores like Bugatti if you seriously want to purchase the best Indian Remy hair extensions.

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