How to blend hair extensions with short hair?

Once the women who grimaced and expressed their agony silently through tight lips on their natural short hair have now all the resources at their end to bid goodbye to their misery. Short hair undoubtedly bears the wrath of women because hair of women is what reflects her beauty. The desire intensifies when they see celebs flaunting their long, ravishing tresses on the red carpet. But very few know that even the performers use artificial hair to extent the length of their natural hair.

Today, clip- in hair extensions are simply the easiest and the most convenient way outs to transform the short hair into long ones in just a matter of minutes. But the blend with the artificial hair and the natural human hair at times can be a little complex. Not a mammoth task but yes, one will have to shed his glance on certain points to execute the work properly. If one follows the tricks perfectly, the extensions would look natural to the extent that not even a person standing beside you would be able to spot the artificial hair. Before, proceeding with just blending of the hair, there`s a need for you to look at some relevant points in this regard Below, we discuss some of the topics and tips:

Trim and Layer your extensions

Layers of hair extensions are one of the most important aspects to deal with at first when blending short hair with extensions. Many women think that it`s useless and waste of time but the fact of the matter is that “every inch” of the hair extension is crucial. If the hair extensions aren’t layered properly before blending, they would look unnatural and definitely obvious in the hair. Trimming and layering of the extensions would make a tremendous difference and no one would be able to spot your hair extensions then.

But remember that once you trim and layer your extensions, they won`t grow back. If you have any hesitation or confusion in this task, it`s better to consult a hair expert in this regard. You may go to salon and get it done from a hair professional expert who has mastery in this work.

Always pick the right colour of hair extensions

The shade of your natural hair must definitely match the colour of your hair extensions. It is a very important consideration because different shades in natural and hair extensions would create an odd look. For instance, as the ombre trend which is very high these days; women out of curiosity, they have just rushed on the usage of these hair extensions as a result of which there hair reveals several tones and shades. If such is the case with you also, please keep 3 points in mind.

  • Get only those hair extension which exactly match your hair`s end.
  • You should colour your own hair into a very solid shade to exactly match the shade of the extension you purchase
  • Act wisely and get only those hair extensions which would only match the lightest shade of your own hair. To make the extensions darker to match the darkness of your natural hair, feel free to seek help from any professional hair expert to match the hair ideally.

Thickness of the hair matters to a huge extent

Another point to shed your thought upon is the thickness or weight of hair extensions you will purchase for yourself. If you have short and thick hair, then you must purchase a thick set of hair weavers because thick artificial hair blends naturally and flawlessly with the natural hair. That thickness in the extensions set will make sure that the transition betwixt the ends of hair and hair extension is seamless. If you purchase a thin set of hair extensions, the blending would look unnatural and so obvious that you yourself would abhor it.

Curled extensions on short hair

Although straight hair extensions also look stunning on short hair but women who highly admire and have a deep admiration of curly hair can get their hair curled too. In fact, the natural waves in the hair would certainly transform the blending into a beautiful combination which would definitely give a romantic touch. For, this, you can check out number of tutorials on the internet and accordingly curl your hair.

Finally blending of hair extension with short hair

After analysing and understanding every tip carefully, you should now be ready to blend the extension with the natural hair. To make the endeavour fruitful, you should follow all the guidelines. Firstly, take off the entire three clip weft from the nape of neck and gather all the natural hair strands at the back. Clip back the rest of hair up or out of way.

Secondly, create a three strand braid with your short hair and secure them towards the end with clear elastic. Roll the braid into a circle and coil it then to change the nape of the neck. Now, this braid which you have created will now work as the base of three clips weft. Slowly, release the hair only to see your natural hair totally concealed by hair extensions.

Get top quality hair extensions from reliable brands

But before all this, always get a top quality Remy Human hair extension which is a real human hair. Bugatti Hair Imports is one such brand which sells finest quality of unprocessed Remy Human hair extensions of Indian and Brazilian origin. The company offers its customer stylish and high quality extensions.

The Indian origin hair extensions it sells are of sheer top notch quality which it obtains from South Indian Temples as the Indian hair is famous worldwide for its volume and light texture. Similarly, the Brazilian hair extensions of the brand are quite renowned amidst the women owing to their non-frizzy & bouncy appeal. The company has number of proficient colleagues who have a knack of selecting the finest quality of untouched virgin human hair. All the products of the company go through a rigorous test of quality and assessment before finally they are put up for sale. So, make sure you do check out what`s offered by the company before buying the hair extensions

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