Everything you need to know about 1B Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in various colors and shades, ranging from black to blonde and even reds. A majority of extension-enthusiasts find that simply changing their hairstyles do not provide them with the proper level of transformation that they desire. So, a change in hair color can be necessary for perfecting that new and fresh look. This color change might be a subtle one or a striking one, depending on your choice. In certain cases, a person would also have to dye their hair to better match the color of extensions or weave hair that they have bought as installing hair that does not match the color of their natural hair would make it obvious that they are wearing extensions. Usually, people who wear weaves are 1B, often follow the color off-black.

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1B hair color is the usually the natural color for black. It is also referred to as an off-black color and it is the closest to black that natural hair can go. This hair color lies between #1 and #2. #1 is black or jet black, while #2 is the darkest brown color possible on human hair. #2 is the color that usually seems to be black until you go in for a closer look. It is noteworthy that the majority of wigs, hair extensions, and weave hair also come with a 1B hair color instead of a solid black color. This is mainly because #1 is not a natural color, but rather a dyed color. On the other hand, 1B is the natural black hair color.

Off Black is the shade for all seasons! You might not need to think twice before getting hair extensions of this color. Off black is the lightest black color and the most common and favorable black shade. When you say Jet Black, you mostly refer to hair with blue or black undertones. But, off Black involves natural brown/black undertones and is suitable for most women with naturally black hair. Make sure to transform your look instantly and feel more confident with thicker and longer hair that exudes the ultimate “pretty” appearance.

When you purchase hair that has a #1 color or jet black color, it usually implies that the hair has been processed and dyed prior to packaging and distribution. This is the reason why the hair would not have a natural color. Due to this, if you are seeking for 100% virgin human hair, go for hair that has the 1B hair color. Also, specifically in this case, do not go for #1 since there is a better chance that the hair would be real and unprocessed with this natural hair color.

You are usually not able to check the specific color against your natural hair color before purchase when you have purchased hair on the internet. You might receive the hair extensions and find out that the hair does not completely match the color of your natural hair. So, you will need to do some coloring to make sure your natural hair matches the color of the extensions. In case you have black hair naturally, you have chances of having a 1B hair color. In case you purchased extensions that also have a 1B hair color from a reliable hair supplier, then there is a good likelihood that your natural hair simply needs a touchup. This touchup might be related to age, hair that can become gray, and its color that may lose its original texture.

In this case, you have two major options that can help you dye your hair and get the two colors to match perfectly:

  • Temporary hair color

This hair color might include a semi-permanent dye, demi-permanent dye or henna.

  • Permanent hair color

When you choose a permanent hair color, try to go for a brand that has an ammonia-free option to choose from.

When you have kept yourself updated with the most recent updates in the world of celebrities, you must have noticed that many celebrities enjoy wearing their hair in a 1B color, where this an off-black color looks so much natural.

While buying hair online, you will be given the option to choose from many different hair colors. There are some companies that have as much as 40 different hair colors to choose from. Because black hair extensions are one of the trendier colors you will find today, you ought to know the difference between a natural (#1b) and unnatural (#1) hair color. Also, it is beneficial if you are aiming towards a more natural look.

Most of the genuine conventional, as well as online stores, provide a wide range of hair extensions in Natural Black (1B). The black natural human hair extensions can instantly give you thicker hair body, thicker hair or a whole new style. Make sure to use the options. Consider the length, style or price range at the time of purchasing hair extensions.

Genuine stores such as Bugatti Hair Imports, provide you with lustrous and thick extensions. These extensions might contain a handful of wefts of hair per Clip. This makes them full and luscious from root to tip. These hair extensions are produced with pure Remy Human Hair, which is essentially obtained from a single donor. So, these extensions are the softest and most vibrant. These extensions can be washed, blow-dried, flat-ironed and curled with the use of styling tools. In fact, you can treat them just like you treat your own hair.

At Bugatti, the hair extensions come with a flawless, glossy and velvety texture. These extensions can be easily styled as per your choice. This hair can also be subjected to washing without any worries. Indian virgin hair usually has a unique light density and rich volume that makes it pretty desirable. The hair wins your heart with its no-shed and no-tangle styling options for a long lasting period of time. This hair mostly goes well with any hair texture and lets you wear a new style every time.

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