Indian or Brazilian Hair Extension Extensions – Know the Difference 

In order to make the right choice of human hair extensions, you need to have the basic knowledge related to the difference between Brazilian or Indian human hair extensions. Both have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. You certainly need to understand the advantages of the various kinds of hair extensions before you choose your extensions.

Both Brazilian and Indian hair in their virgin form are in the highest demand in the market. These hair types are prevalently used for wigs and hair extensions. Most of the customers find it difficult to determine the quality of hair that they should choose. If you feel you are not good at determine the quality of hair extensions, consult with a hair expert. Be sure of the quality and only then buy extensions, at least when it is your very first time. Be careful while choosing the hair of your choice. Perhaps, your hair stylist shall be able to give you the best possible advice related to the type of hair that suits you the best and blends well with your natural hair.

Indian hair

The demand for Indian hair is increasing day by day. The main reason is its characteristic length, softness, quality and texture. In fact, for most of the women today, this hair type is the top choice for wigs and hair extensions. Indian hair is highly versatile and easily available in the market. Indian hair has a characteristic fine density. It is known to be light unlike the other hair types in the market. It has impressive bounciness and airiness that makes it easier to be styled and curled the way you want. Indian hair is world-famous for its exquisitely glossy impression and light texture. You just need some minimal hair products to do the styling. After all, effortlessness is what women look for today.

Also, the Indian hair type can blend perfectly well with most of the hair textures. Indian hair is available in many types; from silky types to slightly coarse types. The only little minus here is the frizz of the hair under foggy or humid conditions. You can easily deal with this little issue when you have anti-frizz products.

Bugatti’s Natural Indian virgin Hair Products are of very fine quality. Bugatti supplies virgin Indian hair in three exclusive styles, namely, the curly hair, the wavy hair and the straight hair in various rich colors like Natural Black, Brown and Gray. The lengths vary from 8 to 32 inches. This virgin Indian hair is purchased directly from the temples in South India.

With lush thickness, the Indian hair provided by Bugatti Hair Imports ensures to maintain the natural vitality of this hair by keeping it safe from the taint of synthetic fibers.

Brazilian hair

It can be said that Brazilian hair is slightly better than Indian hair in terms of frizz. Unlike the Indian hair, Brazilian hair is almost frizz-free under humid conditions. This is one of the big reasons this type of hair is highly coveted today. This hair has remarkable durability, density and softness-to-die-for much like that of the Indian hair. The texture also mingles very easily with different kinds of ethnicities like African American relaxed to Caucasian textures. However, this type of hair is not very luxurious. Again, just like its Indian counterpart, this hair has a lush and thick body and shine. It exudes moderate luster.

Since Brazilian hair has a very high density, the good thing is that you need just a few bundles to get the “look”. This is genuinely a big advantage since you need to carry less weight to get a satisfactory fuller look. So, always make sure to follow “less is more” when it comes to wearing Brazilian hair extensions. This hair is known to holds curls for a longer time than that of the Malaysian hair types. Thus, this hair has an impressive level of versatility.

You can usually find this hair in curly, wavy or silky straight texture. It has flexibility, thanks to its light texture. Like the Indian hair, this hair type is also easy to maintain. However, one minus point about wearing these extensions is that these are hard to flat iron because they have a tighter curl when compared to the Indian type.

Bugatti’s hair collection comes with a decent variety of supreme-quality Brazilian Remy hair. The options for Brazilian hair include deep wave, loose wave, straight and wavy hair in a range of variant colors such as classic black, natural black and brown. The virgin Brazilian hair provided by Bugatti Hair Imports, has characteristic silkiness, resistance and thickness. It has a long-lasting feature. The rich-in-volume Brazilian hair extensions goes flawlessly well with a wide range of hair types though it is the most popular among the African-Americans. The natural Brazilian Remy hair is bouncy and healthy with absolutely no frizz. The Brazilian Deep Wave pattern is almost similar to that of the Brazilian curly hair. However, the curls in case of the former style are more loose and easier to handle.

Bugatti Hair Imports exclusively delivers Brazilian loose wave hair bundles in various lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches respectively. The Brazilian straight hair extensions delivered by Bugatti Hair Imports are glossy and smooth with no curls. This hair type is quite a popular choice in the market.
Both Brazilian and Indian hair have certain similarities as well in spite of the little differences. No matter whichever hair type you go for, make sure to buy good-quality hair from a reliable store like the Bugatti Hair Imports. They ensure top quality hair products for its customers with the exclusive supply of rich bouncy hair only.

Both the hair types can blend excellently with African American locks, giving a proper natural look. Keep in mind that any human hair is better than synthetic hair at any given point of time. If you want to purchase thick and shiny hair, go for either Indian or Brazilian hair, but only after doing proper research.

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