Care guide for Brazilian human hair extensions

Virgin Brazilian human hair extensions are considered to be the best hair type in the market. It has countless features that make it the number one choice for most of the women. It has great volume, strong texture and unbeatable shine and silkiness. Also, it is mostly frizz-free and tangle-free. It is very easy to be stylized or heated. So, you can enjoy full liberty at trying out versatile hairstyles and attain a fuller and glamorous look.

However, to avail all these benefits, you need to take good care of your Brazilian human hair extensions. The longevity of your extensions largely depends on how much care is taken in handling and treating these extensions. If subjected to proper case, they might survive beyond a time period of one year!

Installation of your Brazilian hair extensions

Prefer getting your virgin Brazilian human hair extensions installed by a professional hair expert or stylist at a reliable salon. When installed correctly, the task of maintaining the hair care routine gets easier. Also, the blending seems natural and the extensions are not at all distinguishable. Thus, it serves your purpose of looking prettier and more gorgeous. If the extensions are not applied properly, they might come out sooner. Even if it stays, it strains your natural hair causing them to damage and break. Also, the weave should not be too tight as it might exert too much pressure, causing damage to your own hair. Also, the scalp suffers from pain and damage. Loosely attached extensions can also cause a bad outcome. This might cause your hair to break. Obviously, it won’t last long as well, making your hair look untidy very soon. Attach only that many hair extensions that can be supported by your natural hair type. For instance, if your hair is very light, using too many extensions will break your natural hair.

Washing your Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

When you are using virgin Brazilian hair extensions, you need to keep your scalp clean along with your extensions as well. If your scalp is oily, prefer using powder shampoo as it efficiently absorbs the naturally-produced oil, keeping your scalp and extensions clean. You can wash your hair once a week with a mild shampoo. Always start with the scalp down to the hair edges. Wash gently to avoid getting up your hair extensions tangled or prone to breakage.

Once washing is done, use a light conditioner to keep the hair extensions light, smooth and silky. Go for a deep conditioning once every month. In case you have colored your Brazilian hair extensions, do a deep conditioning treatment once in every two weeks. Follow the same if your hair extensions have become dry. This makes the extensions highly smooth and silky. Too much drying out causes your extensions to break much easier. In fact, it might impact the quality of your natural hair as well.

Go for a thorough rinsing to wash off all the particles of the shampoo and the conditioner. This eliminates the chances of product build-up in the skull. Remember product build-up affects the health of your scalp. Use a clean and thick towel to dry your hair. Avoid harsh rubbing. Just pat dry. Even if you own a branded dryer, minimize its use. Limit its use to important occasions or some other time when you need to get ready for a rush. Prefer air-drying as it is the safest option for drying.

Use a wide-toothed comb or a weave brush for your virgin Brazilian human hair extensions. This effectively removes all the tangles of your hair without causing hair-breakage or pain. This keeps your extensions in a ready state to be stylized. While combing, make sections of your hair and then comb one section at a time. Do not be harsh with your extensions. Tugging and pulling often leads to breakage. If you have a dry scalp, apply a light oil or moisturizer to your scalp while combing them out.

During the night, get into the habit of wrapping up your Brazilian extensions before sleeping. Keep these weaves as straight as possible. This can be done by wrapping your hair with a silk head scarf before sleeping. This diminishes all the chances of tangle formation. It also prevents hair breakage. Following this tip, you need not wake up in the morning with messy hair. It is one of the classic ways of protecting your Brazilian weaves. Also, it shall not snag your Brazilian weaves.

Brazilian human hair extensions demand care. However, you need not run to the salon every day to do so. You just have to learn the basic caring tips and that will work. Most importantly, you need to keep in mind that these hair extensions do not get nourished by the natural oils generated by your scalp. This facility is enjoyed solely by your natural hair. So, the level of protection required by these Brazilian hair bundles is slightly higher than that of your natural hair. This is pretty obvious!

Brazilian hair extensions make a smart investment only when to shower enough care on their maintenance. At least, treat them as your natural hair. Make a right choice of the shampoo or conditioner that is to be used. Consult with your hair stylist before using a shampoo, conditioner or any hair product on your extensions.

Though the hair is open to stylization processes, try not to subject them to excessive heat. Even when you are using a hot tool, keep the temperature of the tool low or moderate. Heating can cause irreversible damage to your extensions. Brazilian hair comes in straight, curly, wavy and some other forms as well. Since this hair type has a characteristic volume, you need not work on them much to attain a fuller look.

Having Brazilian hair extensions gives you the chance to show off your brilliantly shiny tresses. So, invest some amount of time in taking care of these precious babies of yours. 

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