How to Buy the Finest Virgin Indian Remy hair

Virgin Indian Hair is perhaps the best quality hair in the market now. Remy Indian Hair is that hair that has not been chemically processed and all cuticles intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling. Virgin implies that the hair is free of chemicals or hair color and retains all cuticles in the original state that is ... More

Remy or Non-Remy Hair – How to Choose

With the advent of the industry of hair extensions, the count of suppliers or wholesalers of human hair extensions are increasing. No wonder it is hard to determine which company supplies good-quality hair products. You often tend to resort to online resources to get help in this context. But, in the internet, every supplier claims to sell ... More

Indian or Brazilian Hair Extension Extensions – Know the Difference 

In order to make the right choice of human hair extensions, you need to have the basic knowledge related to the difference between Brazilian or Indian human hair extensions. Both have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. You certainly need to understand the advantages of the various kinds of hair extensions before you choose your ... More

Everything you need to know about 1B Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in various colors and shades, ranging from black to blonde and even reds. A majority of extension-enthusiasts find that simply changing their hairstyles do not provide them with the proper level of transformation that they desire. So, a change in hair color can be necessary for perfecting that new and fresh look. This ... More

Here’s how you can pick up the best hair extension supplier

At the time of purchasing hair extensions of your choice, you ought to know as to which the good brands are and which the bad ones are. Here are some ways as to how you can pick up the best hair extension supplier: Accessibility A store, whether online or a conventional one, should be accessible. In other words, they should have an ... More

How to blend hair extensions with short hair?

Once the women who grimaced and expressed their agony silently through tight lips on their natural short hair have now all the resources at their end to bid goodbye to their misery. Short hair undoubtedly bears the wrath of women because hair of women is what reflects her beauty. The desire intensifies when they see celebs flaunting their ... More

How to ensure you buy virgin hair extensions from a trustworthy supplier?

The virgin hair industry has transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry today. Now it targets both consumers and businesses. So many people around the world have started to wear weaves and hair extensions today, thanks to the convenience they have to offer. Hair salons have also started to partner up with the top brands to supply ... More

10 ways to add mega volume to your hair – and keep it all day long

Hair is the ultimate glory for women. Women crave for the penultimate sleek, polished and voluminous look. Whether straight hair or curly, hair without volume gives you an incomplete look. In fact, it even withers your confidence. In fact, the volume of the hair is directly proportional to the level of confidence! Even when you have a thick ... More

The pros and cons of buying affordable hair bundles

Purchasing hair extensions online can be pretty expensive. Some hair pieces might be purchased for over $1,500 for a single piece. This is one of the main reasons why many people have started to search for affordable hair extensions online, with many people landing on pages that promote low cost hair bundles. The truth is that in the hair ... More

Tips to use oils for Remy hair extensions

When you take a plunge into the world of hair extensions, your responsibility towards your hair increases by manifolds. Though it might sound a bit scary, it is not so in actuality. This is because most of you are already into the habit of taking care of your natural hair. Just a bit extra is required for your extensions. Hair extensions ... More