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Bugatti Hair Imports believes in providing you with perfectly natural Remy Human Hair Extensions of superior quality. Bugatti is a wholesale supplier of Indian and Brazilian virgin Human hair. Indian virgin human hair is supplied in a variety of styles such as curly, wavy and straight hair in colors Natural Black, Brown and Gray with the lengths ranging from 8 to 32 inches. Indian hair is unprocessed/raw. The donor hair is secured from the South Indian Temples and is popular worldwide for its delicate and light texture. Bugatti also offers Brazilian human hair extensions in the variant styles of deep wave, loose wave, straight and wavy in a range of rich colors like classic black, natural black and brown.


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Bugatti has proficient colleagues who specialize in the process of selecting unaltered virgin human hair with great finesse. The Remy quality natural hair is not mixed in between with any synthetic fibers. The retention of the natural texture ensures unidirectional cuticles. This guarantees long-lasting, shed-free, tangle-free and gorgeous hairstyles every single day! All the Bugatti hair products are impressively thick, silky and conveniently washable without impacting the texture or appearance. You do not have to worry while treating your unprocessed Remy hair with a hot tool as it can easily resume back to its natural state. The Bugatti hair imports are the most easy-to-use Human hair extensions that never fail to delight you with their flawless styling options, convenience and natural vitality. Buy hair extensions from the wide variety of choices offered at Bugatti and enjoy an effortless yet trendy styling experience. Shop for your choice of virgin Remy hair extensions U.S.A online today.